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Vol. 72 No. 4, 2O21


    • Carlos Gervasio Rodríguez, María Isabel Lamas, Juan de Dios Rodríguez, Claudio Caccia . ANALYSIS OF THE PRE-INJECTION CONFIGURATION IN A MARINE ENGINE THROUGH SEVERAL MCDM TECHNIQUES (pp.1-17) (details, pdf)
    • Nikolay Ivanovsky, Sergei Chernyi, Sergey Sokolov, Anton Zhilenkov, Anton Zhinchenko . ALGORITHM DESIGN FOR SHIP’S STEERING WITH SPECIFIED LIMITATIONS UNDER VARIOUS WEATHER CONDITIONS (pp.19-32) (details, pdf)
    • Cheng Zhao, Wei Wang, Panpan Jia, Yonghe Xie . OPTIMISATION OF HULL FORM OF OCEAN-GOING TRAWLER (pp.33-46) (details, pdf)
    • Manuel Naveiro, Manuel Romero Gómez, Ignacio Arias Fernández, Javier Romero Gómez . EXPLOITATION OF LIQUEFIED NATURAL GAS COLD ENERGY IN FLOATING STORAGE REGASIFICATION UNITS (pp.47-78) (details, pdf)


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