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Editor-in-Chief: Professor Nastia Degiuli

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BRODOGRADNJA is an international scientific peer reviewed open-access journal with focus on the theory and practice of naval architecture, marine engineering and ocean engineering serving the shipbuilding, shipping and offshore industry and related topics.
ISSN 0007-215X (Print)           ISSN 1845-5859 (Online)

Aims and scope

The journal is devoted to multidisciplinary researches in the fields of theoretical and experimental naval architecture and oceanology as well as to challenging problems in shipping, shipbuilding, offshore and related industries worldwide. The aim of the journal is to integrate interests in shipbuilding, ocean engineering, sea and ocean shipping, inland navigation and intermodal transportation as well as environmental issues, overall safety, objects for wind, marine and hydrokinetic renewable energy production and sustainable transportation development at seas, oceans and inland waterways. The journal focuses on hydrodynamics, structures, reliability, materials, construction, design, optimization, production engineering, building and organization of building, project management, repair and maintenance planning, information systems in shipyards, quality assurance as well as outfitting, powering, autonomous marine vehicles,power plants and equipment onboard. Brodogradnja publishes original scientific papers, review papers, preliminary communications and important professional papers.

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An International Journal of Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering for Research and Development .