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Brodogradnja publishes Open Access electronic versions of scientific and professional papers in On Line First mode.

Beginning with Volume 67 (2016) Issue 2, the journal Brodogradnja has commenced using the Continuous Article Publishing model. This feature is commonly referred to as publish ahead of print, publish before final publication, and Online First. The Online First approach reduces the time between submission and final publication of papers. Online First papers have been peer-reviewed, accepted for publication, copy–edited, typeset, approved by the author, and immediately published in the queue for assignment to an upcoming issue. Each Online First manuscript is citeable using the Digital Object Identifiers (DOI). DOIs are assigned to all Online First papers for use on digital networks and the metadata associated with that content is registered with the DOI Foundation ( DOIs provide a persistent, permanent way to identify manuscripts published in the online environment, even after they are assigned to a print issue. After the journal issue is completed and finally declared published, the Online First notation is removed and the papers retain their regular citing attributions.

At the end of the year, all published papers are collected in the final printable annual edition for libraries and archives also available on Internet. Papers are available free of charge to everyone in accordance with the Budapest Open Access Initiative from 2002 and the Croatian declaration on open access to scientific information from 2012. Journal will publish occasionally on its web site book reviews, conference announcements, relevant news and information from industry, obituaries etc. Brodogradnja (Shipbuilding) applies the GUIDE FOR THE PREPARATION OF SCIENTIFIC PAPERS FOR PUBLICATIONS PGI83/WE/10, Second Edition, Paris 1983, United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), General Information Programme and UNISIST. Accordingly, submissions are categorized by the Editorial board of the Brodogradnja in original scientific papers, preliminary communications, review pears and professional paper following the reviewer’s suggestions.

To help you assess the relevance of your proposed submission, please visit the Journal website and consult the aims and scopes. Submissions are welcomed from all branches of shipbuilding, naval architecture, offshore engineering and marine science. One author has been designated as the corresponding author with personal information and contact Email address.


The language of scientific and professional papers in Brodogradnja is English.


Submission to this journal proceeds totally online.

Submit your work in integral form (text, tables, figures, references together) as close as possible to its final appearance using the MS-Word Journal’s Template.

Article Publication Fee

Please note that for all papers submitted after 31 December 2023, an Article Publication Fee (APF) of 500 € applies per paper regardless of the number of pages. The APF needs to be paid by the authors or on their behalf e.g. by their research funder or institution after paper acceptance. Authors as physical entities are also required to pay 25% VAT added to the fee.

Archiving Policy

Archiving policy Sherpa/ROMEO green route since 2015
All published manuscripts are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution CC BY 3.0 Unported Likens since 2016.

    • Authors are allowed to archive their submitted paper in an open access repository.
    • Authors are allowed to archive their accepted paper in an open access repository.
    • Authors are allowed to archive the final published paper, often a pdf file, in an open access repository.
    • There are not any other requirements for archiving in an open access repository. 

If the authors are subject to a pre-existing mandate from their institution, funder or government to make their paper open access, we grant the author an automatic exemption from any restrictions in our policies which would otherwise prohibit their publication in Brodogradnja.
The single policy applies to authors of all of journal titles.

Further considerations

    • Manuscript has been ‘spell checked’ and ‘grammar checked’
    • All references mentioned in the Reference List are cited in the text, and vice versa
    • Permission has been obtained for use of copyrighted material from other sources (including the Internet)
    • Relevant declarations of interest have been made
    • Journal policies detailed in this guide have been reviewed
    • Referee suggestions and contact details provided, if any.

Categorisation of papers

Papers are categorised in accordance with the UNESCO classification (PGI – 83/WS/10, Paris 1983) into the following categories: original scientific paper,  review paper, professional paper.

Responsibility of the author(s)

The author(s) are fully responsible for the contents of the paper and for the use of earlier published information. The manuscript accepted for publication in Brodogradnja should not be offered or published elsewhere. Also, its publication should be approved by co-authors (if any) and authorities of the institution in which the paper has originated.
The editors may, in agreement and co-operation with the author, make or require modifications of the original material upon the recommendations made by the reviewers, or to make it conform to the professional, linguistic and technical standards of the journal.

The papers published in Brodogradnja journal and its electronic version can be without a special permission used for personal or educational purpose, however, the rights of authors and publisher have to be respected. The users of these articles are obliged to provide in their works bibliographic data on the material quoted or referred to in accordance with the on-line and printed edition of the journal.


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