Vol. 73 No. 4

Vol. 73 No. 4 2022


  • Kimon Ardavanis, Radoslav Nabergoj, Francesco Mauro. DP challenges in Ana platform jacket installation (pp. 1-11) (pdf)
  • David Ricardo Alvarado, Luis Alejandro Paternina, Edwin Giovanny Paipa. Synthesis model for the conceptual design of inland cargo vessels to operate on the Magdalena river (pp. 13-37) (pdf)
  • Cheng Chen, Chen Peng, Hong Xiao, Tingyu Wang, Minjian Wei. Numerical distribution simulation of typhoons’ wave energy in the Taiwan Strait and its adjacent waters (pp. 39-52) (pdf)
  • Kai Li, Zhichao Zhao, Songliang Chang, Jiawei Bao, Zhijiang Yuan, Xiaogang Jiang. Research on damage characteristics and protective structure design of steel pontoons under near-field explosion load (pp. 53-77) (pdf)
  • Lixun Hou, Qingcai Wang. Investigation about the hydrodynamic coupling characteristics of contra-rotating azimuth propulsor (pp. 79-105) (pdf)
  • Ahmet Ziya Saydam, Gözde Nur Küçüksu, Mustafa İnsel, Serhan Gökçay. Uncertainty quantification of self-propulsion analyses with RANS-CFD and comparison with full-scale ship trials (pp. 107-129) (pdf)
  • Sabri Alkan. Enhancement of marine corrosion and tribocorrosion resistance of offshore mooring chain steel by aluminizing process (pp. 131-159) (pdf)
  • Ahmet Çağrı Bilir, Ali Doğrul, Nurten Vardar. An extensive investigation of flow conditioners inside a fi-fi Monitor (pp. 161-177) (pdf)