Vol. 73 No. 4

Vol. 73 No. 4 2022


  • Kimon Ardavanis, Radoslav Nabergoj, Francesco Mauro. DP challenges in Ana platform jacket installation (pp. 1-11) (pdf)
  • David Ricardo Alvarado, Luis Alejandro Paternina, Edwin Giovanny Paipa. Synthesis model for the conceptual design of inland cargo vessels to operate on the Magdalena river (pp. 13-37) (pdf)
  • Cheng Chen, Chen Peng, Hong Xiao, Tingyu Wang, Minjian Wei. Numerical distribution simulation of typhoons’ wave energy in the Taiwan Strait and its adjacent waters (pp. 39-52) (pdf)
  • Kai Li, Zhichao Zhao, Songliang Chang, Jiawei Bao, Zhijiang Yuan, Xiaogang Jiang. Research on damage characteristics and protective structure design of steel pontoons under near-field explosion load (pp. 53-77) (pdf)
  • Lixun Hou, Qingcai Wang. Investigation about the hydrodynamic coupling characteristics of contra-rotating azimuth propulsor (pp. 79-105) (pdf)
  • Ahmet Ziya Saydam, Gözde Nur Küçüksu, Mustafa İnsel, Serhan Gökçay. Uncertainty quantification of self-propulsion analyses with RANS-CFD and comparison with full-scale ship trials (pp. 107-129) (pdf)
  • Sabri Alkan. Enhancement of marine corrosion and tribocorrosion resistance of offshore mooring chain steel by aluminizing process (pp. 131-159) (pdf)
  • Ahmet Çağrı Bilir, Ali Doğrul, Nurten Vardar. An extensive investigation of flow conditioners inside a fi-fi Monitor (pp. 161-177) (pdf)

Vol. 73 No. 3

Vol. 73 No. 3 2022


  • Xingkun Zhou, Jinghao Chen, Zhengguang Ge, Tong Zhao, Wenhua Li. Numerical investigations on the effects of seabed shallow soils on a typical deepwater subsea wellhead system (pp. 1-19) (pdf)
  • AAB Dinariyana, Pande Pramudya Deva, I Made Ariana, Dhimas Widhi Handani. Development of model-driven decision support system to schedule underwater hull cleaning (pp. 21-37) (pdf)
  • Milovan Perić. Prediction of cavitation on ships (pp. 39-58) (pdf)
  • Ridho Hantoro, Erna Septyaningrum, Yusuf Rifqi Hudaya, I Ketut Aria Pria Utama. Stability analysis for trimaran pontoon array in wave energy converter – pendulum system (WEC – PS) (pp. 59-68) (pdf)
  • Gongxing Wu, Yuchao Li, Chunmeng Jiang, Chao Wang, Jiamin Guo, Rui Cheng. Multi-vessels collision avoidance strategy for autonomous surface vehicles based on genetic algorithm in congested port environment (pp. 69-91) (pdf)
  • S Samuel, Ocid Mursid, Serliana Yulianti, Kiryanto Kiryanto, Muhammad Iqbal. Evaluation of interceptor design to reduce drag on planing hull (pp. 93-110) (pdf)
  • Shuping Hou, Zejiang Zhang, Hongtai Lian, Xiaodong Xing, Haixia Gong, Xiujun Xu, Muhammad Iqbal. Hull shape optimization of small underwater vehicle based on Kriging-based response surface method and multi-objective optimization algorithm (pp. 111-134) (pdf)
  • Andrija Ljulj, Vedran Slapničar, Juraj Brigić. Unmanned surface vehicle – Tritor (pp. 135-150) (pdf)

Vol. 73 No. 2

Vol. 73 No. 2 2022


  • Li Hui, Sun Zhiyong, Han Bingbing, Shao Yuhang, Deng Baol. Research on the motion response of aquaculture ship and tank sloshing under rolling resonance (pp. 1-15) (pdf)
  • Ali Dogrul. Numerical prediction of scale effects on the propulsion performance of Joubert BB2 submarine (pp. 17-42) (pdf)
  • Andi Trimulyono, Haikal Atthariq, Deddy Chrismianto, Samuel Samuel. The investigation of sloshing in the prismatic tank with vertical and T-shape baffles (pp. 43-58) (pdf)
  • Аnna Rodkina, Olga Ivanova, Vadim Kramar, Veronika Dushko, Anton Zhilenkov, Sergei Chernyi, Elena Zinchenko, Anton Zinchenko. Simulation and selection of a protection types in the design stage of ships and offshore structures (pp. 59-77) (pdf)
  • Milan Kalajdžić, Matija Vasilev, Nikola Momčilović. Power reduction considerations for bulk carriers with respect to novel energy efficiency regulations (pp. 79-92) (pdf)
  • Mohd Arif Ismail, Nik Mohd Ridzuan Shaharuddin, Omar Yaakob, Mohamad Hidayat Jamal, Faizul Amri Adnan, Ahmad Hadi Mohamed Rashidi, Wan Ahmad Hafiz Wan Mohd Azhary, Mohd Kamarul Huda Samion, Andiknurdiyana Bachok, Badruzzaman Ahmad, Nur Shafira Ahmad. Wake wash of a fast small boat in restricted waters: model tests and full-scale measurements (pp. 93-119) (pdf)
  • Ayhan Mentes, Murat Yetkin. An application of soft computing techniques to predict dynamic behaviour of mooring systems (pp. 121-137) (pdf)
  • Boris Ljubenkov, Branko Blagojević, Josip Bašić, Martina Bašić. Procedure for reconstruction of gajeta hull form using photogrammetric measurement method (pp. 139-151) (pdf)

Vol. 73 No. 1

Vol. 73 No. 1 2022


  • Blenard Xhaferaj. Investigation on some conventional hulls forms of the predictive accuracy of a parametric software for preliminary predictions of resistance and power (pp. 1-22) (pdf)
  • Chengjie Zong, Zhibo Wan. Container ship cell guide accuracy check technology based on improved 3D point cloud instance segmentation (pp. 23-35) (pdf)
  • Kun Dai, Yunbo Li, Jiaye Gong, Zheng Fu, Ang Li, Dapeng Zhang. Numerical study on propulsive factors in regular head and oblique waves (pp. 37-56) (pdf)
  • María José Legaz, Carlos Guedes Soares. Evaluation of various wave energy converters in the bay of Cádiz (pp. 57-88) (pdf)
  • Chuan Liu, Xianbo Xiang, Jian Huang, Shaolong Yang, Shaoze Zhang, Xiang Su, Yunfei Zhang. Development of USV autonomy: architecture, implementation and sea trials (pp. 89-107) (pdf)
  • Yubing Zhang, Yong Wang, Guang Sun, Jiazhen Han, Yudong Xie. Effects of two types of controllable deformation on energy extraction of a flexible hydrofoil (pp. 109-126) (pdf)
  • Burak Yildiz. Prediction of residual resistance of a trimaran vessel by using an artificial neural network (pp. 127-140) (pdf)
  • Quandang Ma, Yang Zhou, Lei Liu. Review and comparison of the demand analysis methods of maritime emergency resources (pp. 141-162) (pdf)

Vol. 72 No. 4

Vol. 72 No. 4 2021


Vol. 72 No. 3

Vol. 72 No. 3 2021


Vol. 72 No. 2

Vol. 72 No. 2 2021


Vol. 72 No. 1

Vol. 72 No. 1 2021


Vol. 71 No. 4

Vol. 71 No. 4 2020


Vol. 71 No. 3

Vol. 71 No. 3 2020