Vol. 73 No. 1

Vol. 73 No. 1 2022


  • Blenard Xhaferaj. Investigation on some conventional hulls forms of the predictive accuracy of a parametric software for preliminary predictions of resistance and power (pp. 1-22) (pdf)
  • Chengjie Zong, Zhibo Wan. Container ship cell guide accuracy check technology based on improved 3D point cloud instance segmentation (pp. 23-35) (pdf)
  • Kun Dai, Yunbo Li, Jiaye Gong, Zheng Fu, Ang Li, Dapeng Zhang. Numerical study on propulsive factors in regular head and oblique waves (pp. 37-56) (pdf)
  • María José Legaz, Carlos Guedes Soares. Evaluation of various wave energy converters in the bay of Cádiz (pp. 57-88) (pdf)
  • Chuan Liu, Xianbo Xiang, Jian Huang, Shaolong Yang, Shaoze Zhang, Xiang Su, Yunfei Zhang. Development of USV autonomy: architecture, implementation and sea trials (pp. 89-107) (pdf)
  • Yubing Zhang, Yong Wang, Guang Sun, Jiazhen Han, Yudong Xie. Effects of two types of controllable deformation on energy extraction of a flexible hydrofoil (pp. 109-126) (pdf)
  • Burak Yildiz. Prediction of residual resistance of a trimaran vessel by using an artificial neural network (pp. 127-140) (pdf)
  • Quandang Ma, Yang Zhou, Lei Liu. Review and comparison of the demand analysis methods of maritime emergency resources (pp. 141-162) (pdf)